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Get Follows, Likes and Comments from Real People who are interested in your Content and Brand. Our Clients Grow 300 - 1500 New Followers per Week!

Personal Account Manager

Your personal account manager will contact you to make sure we understand your exact goals before getting started. We will then get to work and set up the perfect growth strategy customised to your needs.

Targeted Followers by Niche and Location

We only target active Instagram users who are interested in your content and will like and comment on your posts.

Clean Home Feed

We mute users that we engage with so your home feed still only shows the posts of your friends. Just keep using Instagram as you always have and enjoy new followers coming in.

Weekly Growth Reports

We keep you updated about your account's growth every week.

Set It And Forget It

We do all the work for you. You don't have to download anything or deal with complicated automation settings.
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  • $149 / Month
  • ✅  300 - 1500 new Followers per Week
  •   100% on Autopilot
  •   Personal Account Manager
  •   Managed by a Real Human
  •   Targeted Followers by Niche
  •   Targeted Followers by Location
  •   Increased Engagement
  • ✅  Clean Home Feed
  •   Weekly Reports
  • ✅  E-Mail Support
  •   Cancel Anytime
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We get results and keep our clients happy

"I got to the stage where my content was at a world class level, but I just wasn't getting the reach, exposure and audience that my content deserved. I was blown away to see my followers expand by 7% a month. I started with about 25k followers and have expanded by about 7% a month now, for 2 years. I'm now about to crack 100k, and that's insane. Influentgram has been the most incredible way to turn my Instagram into a million dollar business card."

Alex, Photographer, 91.3K Followers

"Excellent service ... highly recommend it for anyone trying to grow their business organically."

Bill, Visual Artist, 63.3K Followers

"I’m beyond pleased with my growth using Influentgram’s services. Influentgram delivers real, active followers that are interested in, and will engage with, your content. In addition they are very attentive and professional. I would highly recommend their services to anyone trying to grow their account!"

Erica, Fitness Instructor, 54.7K Followers

"I am happy with the service. It’s great to have genuine followers, likes and comments."

Imtiaz, Videographer, 20.4K Followers

"It's going great and im happy with the service. The followers are real and engaged so I know I'm building a real following with people who are actually interested in the content I'm putting out."

George, Entrepreneur, 26.5K Followers


How many followers can I expect to gain?

You can expect between 300 – 1500 new followers per week. Results depend on the account type, niche, content and targeting strategy. We can give you a more precise prediction after we have reviewed your account. It will take us about two weeks to optimise our strategy for your account but you will already see results in the first few days.

Will I get fake followers?

No, absolutely not. We will make your account visible to other real and active users by engaging with their content. All the follows that you'll get are real people who have visited your profile and decided to hit the follow button.

Do you need my Instagram password?

Yes, we will need access to your account so we can engage with other users. Will will not change any information on your account.

Can I still use my account with your service?

Yes, absolutely. Just use the platform as you always have. We encourage you to keep posting regularly and to interact with your friends. That will make the growth even faster. Contact us first before using other Instagram services while using our service simultaneously.

How can I cancel your service?

If you would like to stop or pause our service, just e-mail your personal account manager. He will then stop the subscription. At the end of the billing period we will clean up your account by unfollowing all the unnecessary users. You will keep the followers that you have gained through our service of course.
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